Carthago launch new LED headlights

Premium German motorhome manufacturer, Carthago, has revealed all-new high-performance headlights with full LED technology. These headlights, which are standard on many of its top-end models and optional on others are designed and manufactured exclusively for Carthago.

The new lights, which use LEDs for the high and low beam headlights, as well as the daytime running lights and indicators, have some significant benefits even over the latest halogen and xenon headlights. For example, their light range is 150 metres, which is some 30 metres more than standard halogen headlights. Despite this, their design means they will not dazzle oncoming drivers in dipped mode.

Their light colour is approximately equivalent to daylight too, and so puts less strain on the eyes than other headlight systems. In addition, the life of LED lamps, which is 25,000 hours, is about the same as the vehicle service life – which avoids inconvenient bulb changes. Unlike other systems, the light output remains almost constant over their entire life, which is a real safety factor.

And their power consumption is low – 70% less energy is used than standard halogen headlights – even though their output significantly exceeds that of xenon headlights.

The new headlights will be available on most Carthago motorhomes for the 2020 season.

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