Northern Europe

We’d hoped that the weather in the Belgian Ardennes last September would have been as good as it was on our first trip abroad in our Auto-Roller in June (40C at 6pm!). However, a gloomy 12C for the first 2 days of our stay had us checking conditions in other parts of Europe.


That’s the beauty of a motorhome – it’s so quick and easy to pack and move on when the weather’s poor!

We took a couple of days to motor west across France, stopping to brew up whenever we felt like it and seeing more of the sun each day, until we reached the Atlantic coast just below La Rochelle and a warm 27C with clear skies.


Rolling onto a site, hooking up to the mains and getting the chairs out was all the setting up needed.

After a relaxing 4 days we wandered south again to the island of Oleron, this time for our dog to check out the near deserted beaches!


Our eventual return north was a gentle amble over 5 days in mixed weather, sightseeing on the way and sampling the local fare in restaurants en-route. It’s a tough life, this motorhoming!