Why a motorhome?

We had camped for nearly 40 years in all sorts of weathers and enjoyed many happy holidays with the family. However, after hiring motorhomes on a couple of holidays abroad we began to realise the benefits a modern house on wheels can offer. We had also been lucky enough to experience long haul travel to many exciting destinations but suddenly realised that there were many parts of the British Isles we had not visited, so in 2007 we purchased our first unit which was a 4/5 berth coach build with an over cab bed.

It did take us a little while to adjust to the fact that when we arrived at our destination it didn’t matter if it was raining or the grandchildren were starving – it was just a case of parking up, plugging in the electric if it was available or turning the gas on and we were up and running. One of the greatest things about a motorhome is that once you have loaded your food, clothes and bedding it is always available wherever you stop and of course having a toilet on board is a bonus.


During the past 8/9 years we have travelled North, South, East and West. Our son and his family have travelled to France in our unit many times and we have used it for endless days out with the family visiting safari parks, animal farms and the sea side to name but a few.

Our most memorable trips have been to Scotland, including Orkney and Shetland. Scotland not only provides fantastic scenery, wildlife, beautiful beaches and historical sites but also the option to ‘ wild camp ‘ on the side of lochs or on open moorland. The attached photograph is an example of where we camped on the mainland of Shetland with only the sound of the breeze and skuas for company. We have had memorable trips to the Isle of Mull to see golden eagles, sea eagles, otters, basking sharks and red deer. The East coast has provided close up sighting of dolphins chasing the salmon off Black Isle and the Cairngorms trips to the Braemar Highland Games close to Balmoral.

Last year we upgraded to an Auto Roller 707 with two fixed rear bunks as well as the over cab bed which means that these are always made up and life is much easier with teenage grandchildren. The 2016 diary is already full with planned trips and long may it be that way.