New 2018 Malibu A-Class Motorhomes

A premium new range of A-Class motorhomes and an expanded UK offering are the headlines from Cathargo brand Malibu as it enters the 2018 touring season.

Until now, only Malibu van conversions have been available in the UK, but this is going to change.

  • Low-Profiles and All-New A-Classes

This is where the biggest changes are in Malibu’s line-up, the existing low-profile ‘vans are now to be offered to British buyers, while an all-new A-Class range has been introduced. All models in these segments share the same floorplans, so their kitchens, washrooms and lounges are virtually identical. Where they differ, is in the provision of the rear sleeping arrangements, and the possibility to have a drop-down bed above the lounges in the A-Class motorhomes.



A little over two years after the premier at Caravan Salon, the A-Class and low-profile motorhomes from Malibu have gained a foothold and have established themselves in the motorhome sector in continental Europe. Now, the company launched at the NEC Show in Birmingham.

As a subsidary of Cathargo, Malibu has now developed into a full-range provider with the double model series of A-Class and low-profile motorhomes. High-quality, technically advanced motorhomes with completely wood-free long term main cabins and insulations. Every Malibu comes with a storage compartment double floor that can be loaded and a single level floor in the living area with a seating group with addtional side seat bench as well as a large garage suitable for bicycles or a scooter.

The GRP roof protects against hail, the GRP underfloor against stone chipping and moisture.

A-Class Malibu I 640


The exterior is new. White skirts now supplement the main body construction; the elegant decor in anthracite and gold-tone is also new. A particular eye catcher is the completely redesigned rear: a distinctive multi-segmented rear panel does not only upgrade visually, but also reduces repair costs in the event of an accident.

The transition to the roof line with all models is now shown by an elegant curve and bears a rear spoiler, a new bumper at the bottom. All-in-all, the appearance is now significantly upgraded, Even the hidden values are convincing: the central double floor is fullyfledged and complete single-level double floor. This creates more space on the inside as the fresh-water tank now is relocated to the heated double floor in the same manner as the waste-water tank. This allows the large seat cabinet of the double seat bench to be used as a storage compartment.

At the same time, the volume of the fresh-water tank increases from 110 litres to 120 litres and Malibu has created an additional storage compartment in the double floor. The double floor storage compartment can be easily accessed and loaded from the outside through the a large hatch.