Tax Increase on New Motorhomes

Reclassification of motorhomes under Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) From 1st September 2019 new emission regulations mean that the CO2 emissions for all vans and car must be stated on the paperwork. As a motorhome is based on a commercial vehicle chassis but has a unique vehicle classification (M1), this means that a new motorhome registered … Read More >

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Malibu Motorhomes: New Floorplan I/T 490 LE

Weighing in at 7.47 metres, the Malibu I/T 490 LE has always been one the longest Malibu motorhomes. This floor plan provides a tremendous amount of space because of its length. The large L-shaped lounge seating group, the rotating front seats and an additional side seat create a luxurious lounge seating group. In the convenient … Read More >

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