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2018 GLOBECAR GLOBESTAR 600L (R) EVOUTION (FX68 ZHN) (Deposit Taken)

This 2018 plated Globecar Globestar 600L (R) Evolution is an ideal motorhome/everyday vehicle  combination. At only 5.99 meters it really can be used to pop to the shops or go to work. With the large rear storage area (when the bed is lifted) it could also be used as a...



This classic British lounge in the Auto Trail Apache 634 makes use of a removable table which can be stored in the wardrobe (unlike the hefty, fixed tables favoured in many Continental ‘vans) to make a more open space for lounging. The Apache 634 has a large worktop area by...


2016 AUTO TRAIL TRAIL TRACKER RS (L700 EJH) (Deposit Taken)

The highly manoeuvrable RS is just 6.10m in length and redefines the term ‘compact motorhome’. Perfect for a couple seeking adventure and experiences either in the UK or abroad, this manageable vehicle is often also used as a day vehicle. The full width rear washroom and changing area includes a...